Texas Divorce Refinance | Removing an Ex from Title

Texas Divorce Refinance| Removing an Ex from title

Refinancing a mortgage after a Texas Divorce |  Texas Divorce Refinance Company

Everybody knows getting a divorce is a hassle, but what do you to refinance an ex off your mortgage?  How do you remove an ex off your home loan’s title?  Well, call us…we are based in beautiful Austin, Texas and we help people all over Texas refinance their ex’s off their mortgage.

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Here are a few things to note about Texas Divorce Refinancing:

1) You need to have your divorce finalized.  NEVER close a Texas Divorce Refinance while you are still married.
2) You can choose a 30, 20, 15, 10 fixed rate.
3) You can go up to 95% loan to value if your ex is the only one getting money (or equity).  But if you plan to get cash out as well, then the maximum loan to value is 80%.  This is why getting an appraisal is so important in any Texas Divorce Refinance.
4) You must have decent credit and a w2 income.   Banks require around a 620-660+ to qualify these days.  Naturally, the higher your scores the better your mortgage’s interest rate.

And, probably most importantly, it’s really important you work with a local Texas mortgage company, like www.mylendingplace.com.   We are very familiar with all the Texas Cash Out Divorce rules and of all the states, Texas has some of the weirdest cash out refinance rules.

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We are one of the best Texas Divorce Refinance Companies. We help people all over Texas refinance after a divorce

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